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Credit Card in Backpocket

The “Secret” to Overcoming Household Debt May be Hiding in Plain Sight

By Eva / July 24, 2017

There was a time when dad went to work, mom stayed home to raise the kids and they lived comfortably in a nice home and drove a reliable vehicle. They worked hard as a family but lived within their means, and saved for all the special times and things they wanted. But times have changed.…

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Vancouver Skyline with Prominent Canadian Flag

Canadian Household Debt is Bad But There’s a Bigger Problem

By Eva / July 2, 2017

Oh Canada! Our home and “in debt” land… Canada recently turned another year older – yay we’re 150! – but it appears that we may be lacking some of the wisdom that you would expect to come with age – specifically around household finances. In fact, according to a recent report by the Parliamentary Budget…

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Save Money on Your Next Vacation

By Eva / January 9, 2017

Like most of us, you probably love to go on vacation, but hate the expense. Below are six tips that can dramatically cut the cost of your next vacation. Instead of putting so much money toward your travel expenses, you can save it or spend it on something that really matters to you. Check out…

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Which 3 Digit Number is the Most Important in Your Life

By Eva / January 8, 2017

When considering your physical health it may be your weight or your cholesterol level. When it comes to gauging your financial health, no figure is more important than your credit score! Unlike your weight, everyone from lenders to landlords to car dealers will know and evaluate that number if you want credit. It is used…

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BC Assessments

Suffering from a Case of Property Assessment Sticker Shock?

By Eva / January 6, 2017

BC homeowners, particularly those in the Lower Mainland, are experiencing a bit of sticker shock after collecting their mail this week, with many discovering their single family homes have climbed 30 to 50 per cent in assessed values over last year. While the relationship between property assessments and property taxes is for another day, learn…

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Brown-Bagging Your Lunch

By Eva / January 6, 2017

When you’re hungry in the middle of the workday, temptation calls and you end up feeding from the snack machine, the drive-thru burger joint around the corner, or the pricey cafeteria. While these stops can work in a pinch when you have nothing prepared, it’s financially unwise to eat out for lunch everyday when you…

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