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Home Buying Costs You Need to Know About

By Eva / October 3, 2016

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of purchasing your own home.  Keep in mind that there are costs related to most home purchases that are not often thought about, and that these costs might alter your maximum affordable price.  So it’s good to keep them in mind when you are working out your budget.

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Mortgage Preapproval

By Eva / October 4, 2016

Shopping for a new home can often be a confusing process for homebuyers, especially when you are unsure of what you can afford.  Obtaining a pre-approval is one of the easiest ways to eliminate confusion.  It lets you know exactly how much you can afford and allows you to shop with confidence.

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Figuring out Which Home is Right for You

By Eva / October 5, 2016

Your home will likely be the biggest purchase you ever make, and with so much at stake, it is crucial to have knowledgeable professionals advising you along the way.  A mortgage broker and a REALTOR can guide you through the successful search and purchase of a home. 

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Overview of the Home Buying Process

By Eva / October 6, 2016

You’ve found your dream home and are pre-approved for a mortgage with a good rate and flexible terms – all done, right?  Not quite.  There are several steps left to secure and protect both your mortgage and your property.

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Mortgage Terminology

Mortgage Terminology You Should be Familiar With

By Eva / October 7, 2016

Wondering what “amortization” is? Not sure what “equity” means?  Making sense of home financing terminology can be difficult.

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Monthly Mortgage Payment

How Much is My Monthly Mortgage Payment

By Eva / October 8, 2016

Your mortgage broker will sit down with you to review your financial picture, including your sources of income, debt service ratios, your creditworthiness, and your downpayment.  They can help you determine how much you qualify to borrow, what your monthly payment is, as well as help you decide how much you actually feel comfortable borrowing.

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