Theresa Barber

We'd always gone the ‘traditional route' with home financing (big banks) but decided to see what a mortgage broker could do for us after our bank seemed to be completely indifferent to us when our mortgage came up for renewal.

We weren't that impressed with most of the mortgage brokers we came across – they really just seemed to be interested in ‘getting a deal done' – so we were very pleasantly surprised when we talked to Eva.

She really seemed to be more interested in what was best for us, rather than what was in it for her.

She assessed our situation and needs and shopped around for a mortgage tirelessly until she found the right one for us.

We basically got to sit back while Eva did all of the ‘heavy lifting' for us – and she stayed on top of things even while she was out of town,

We really felt that Eva put our interests first and can't recommend her highly enough!

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