Kim Fraser

We had been faithful Royal Bank customers until recently, and we had decided that since we resided in Hope we would be better off to transfer our accounts to CIBC, for they were local and more convenient. We contacted CIBC who directed us to contact their “Mortgage Specialist”. The individual came to our home, confirmed our income and debt, and stated that he would get back to us. I was uncomfortable to say the least. He would not face me or address me. I did not feel valued; in fact I felt like a second class citizen. Now allow me to put in some extenuating factors: In 2004, I was involved in two separate fatal accidents within seven months, neither being my fault. I missed a total of one year of work, ICBC was not paying our bills, and we went for three months without my wage before disability insurance kicked in. Not once in the 4.5 years of being with RSC did we miss a mortgage payment, loan payment, or line of credit payment. We did have a misunderstanding with Meyer Norris Penney where they claimed an unpaid collection; which has since been rectified with Equifax Canada and Meyer Norris Penney in writing. It appeared that the results of the accident had taken their toll financially and credit wise, for in this day in age, who can go three months without a wage? CIBC advised us that we had to take a high ratio mortgage with lender's fee's and insurance — at a rate of 7.1 % for five years — and an additional $9k in lenders fee. Needless to say, I felt demeaned and powerless, I was angry and dismayed for I was not a human; I was a statistic and as such, a risk. Regardless of the fact that my husband and I made just about $120k and our house was worth a minimum of $375k. It appeared the accidents had ruined us. I was devastated and embarrassed.

Now add Eva Poulson into this equation. My husband and I were truly humbled when she entered our home on a Sunday afternoon. How could the bubbly individual be a mortgage specialist? It felt like we knew Eva most of our lives. She was empathetic and her level of
professionalism was second to none. She discussed our financial plans and requirements, and she made sound suggestions that would assist us to get back to living, and away from mere existence from paycheque to paycheque. She was articulate and methodical in her information gathering and sharing. Not once did we feel like we were begging a financial lender for money. She understood the circumstances behind our debt load, and discussed that a re-mortgage would pay off all of our bills with the exception of the mortgage thus saving us thousands of dollars. Eva contacted us the next day, and I believe she was more excited than we were, for we were skeptical that anyone could help us based on what CIBC had told us. She attended the Bank on the day we set up our accounts, and guided us through the process.

Eva asked us to finish our fireplace for that was where we were going (to pick up the fireplace mantle) the day of the accident. Needless to say, it never got complete and it was a constant reminder to us of the day of the accident. Last night we. finished the fireplace, the last physical reminder of that fateful September 11th day. With tears in our eyes we opened a bottle of champagne, toasted to closure, and new beginnings. We toasted to Eva and felt blessed and at last peace. Without Eva's exceptional level of professionalism we could not have done this. We do not hesitate to spread the word about Eva, and I wanted to personally thank you for having Eva on your team. She is a wonderful intelligent woman who makes you feel valued, and not a mortgage number. We are absolute TD customers, and we moved ALL of our  accounts over to TD Canada Trust.

Thank you for giving us our life back.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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